Thursday, August 08, 2013

I have the fault of being a little more sincere than is proper.

Hobart in the Winter. 10 Murray as seen from the Waterfront. August 2013.

Theme Thursday?


A hyperborean hope?

Getting a gelid groove?

It's Hobart in Winter.

What do you think?


smudgeon said...

Are they still determined to knock down #10? Shame.

Kris McCracken said...

They're clearing the area right now. Demolition work is set to start soon.

smudgeon said...

It'd be a fraction of the cost to retro-fit, give her a lick of paint, and put a new plaque out front.

And yet...

Mrsupole said...

It really is a shame for them to be so destructive and wasteful. What are they going to build in it's place, if anything at all? I see where they take a lot of those old buildings and turn them into Condos which are worth a ton of money. And they are usually in high demand too if they are in the right location. But when I look at this picture I just want to climb in and feel some of that cold weather. It is fire season up here and with all these fires it seems as if every night all we smell is smoke when we open the windows. But sadly we are stuck because running our A/C costs so much money.

Thanks for sharing this picture and happy TT. Hope you warm up just a bit down there. Have a great week.

God bless.

Kris McCracken said...

Smudgeon, maybe I could chain myself to it?

Mrsupole, the new site will allegedly look like this.