Thursday, September 12, 2013

If anybody says he can think about quantum physics without getting giddy, that only shows he has not understood the first thing about them.

Ferry time. The Bruny Island Ferry, the D'Entrecasteaux Channel. September 2013.

Theme Thursday.


If SOCKS were any good, why don't I ever see crocodiles wearing them?


Mrsupole said...

HI Kris,

I have worn socks with my Crocs before. And it is so dang hot out here that all the crocodiles have to wear socks once they get out of the rivers or their feet will burn up. Actually I am not even sure if we have any native Crocs here in CA. Scary enough to go into the ocean with the Great White's but usually our lakes and rivers seemed safe.

Maybe you need to go further into the bush to catch the crocs wearing their socks, lounging around, smoking a few buds, waiting to catch their prey.

Happy TT and hope you have a warm weekend with your socks keeping you all warm and toasty.

God bless.

Kris McCracken said...

Keep the socks and Crocs well apart. That's my philosophy!