Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Brawl with a pig and you go away with his stink.

Things are looking up. The corner of Campbell and Liverpool Streets, Hobart. September 2013.

A long-delayed Q and A stolen again from Sunday Stealing. This time, Meme 325!

Something that’s holding you back from achieving your dreams:


Something you think you could win an award for:


Something you fear more than anything:

Caring what people think.

Something you wish people would understand:

That life would be much easier if they were a little nicer to each other.

Something that keeps you going everyday:

The promise of sleep.

Something amazing that happened last Summer:

Henry and I saw a foot-long weedy sea dragon while snorkelling at Opossum Bay. We were less than a metre away for a good couple of minutes.

Something you hate that people say:

The casual use of the word ‘bogun’ in work contexts.

Something you refuse to pay money for:


Something you wish you could have told that person that you never saw again:

“It’s not the end of the World…”

Something that really stands out about last year:

I felt fitter and healthier than I have in years.

Something you like that everyone else thinks is weird:

I like obscure forms of Hungarian stews.

Something you do when you’re trying to calm down:

I go into the laundry and count to ten.

Something you do when you wake up at three AM:

Try to go back to sleep.

Something amazing that’s happened this year:

I managed to snare a very good job.

Something you love doing on cold rainy days:

Go to the beach!

Something you listen to when you’re in a really good mood:

Marvin Gaye.

Something that irritates you more than anything:

People who celebrate their ignorance as if it were something to be proud of.

Something you’re addicted to/ can’t stop doing:


Something that really stands out about you:

I have magnificent legs.

Something about you that’s like everyone else:

If you prick me, I bleed.

Something that makes you change the channel:

Having the television on alone makes me leave the room. I fear that TV has passed me by.

Something you think about every night before you go to sleep:

I think about sleep.

Something that you don’t think will ever change about you:

I’m certain that I’ll never feel like a proper grown up.

Something about you that you think will soon change:

I might start wearing a wetsuit.

Something that broke your heart as a child:

Too much saturated fat.

Something that really sparks your interest:

Russian history. Particularly the pre- and post-revolutionary period.

Something that truly disgusts you:

Killing and harming animals for pleasure.

Something the opposite gender has complimented you on:

A decent pair of legs and a pleasing sense of humour. A deadly pair, you’ll agree.

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