Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When angry, count to four; when very angry, swear.

Wineglass Bay lookout, Freycinet National Park. January 2014.

Finally, a new Q and A! It's the Let Me Give Your Heart A Break Meme...

Do you prefer a lot of ice in your drinks or just a little bit of ice?

Just a little, please.

Which condiment (ketchup, mustard, etc.) do you use the most of?

Mustard. Hot.

Does war scare you?

It equally troubles and fascinates me.

Do you know any songs that are older than you are?

Of course I do. What an odd question. The Beatles had been done and dusted for seven years by the time I arrived. Beethoven had been dead for 150 years.

Are you comfortable sharing drinks with your friends?

Not in the slightest.

What season were you born in?

Autumn, which is often associated with feelings of melancholy. The seemingly possibilities of summer have faded, and the threat of winter lurks ahead. Skies darken, and people turn inward, both physically and mentally.

Have you ever spent over $100.00 on an article of clothing?
What was it?

Yes, I have. Shoes. Suits. Sunglasses.

Do you think you’re too hard on yourself sometimes?

I often do.

What pizza place do you usually order from?

I make them myself.

Honestly, have you ever mooned or flashed somebody?

Probably as a younger lad.

Do you have a least favourite colour?

I’m not fond of teal. Puce is rather ordinary.

Honestly, have you ever written something on a bathroom stall?

I have replied to something written on a stall.

Who do you consider to be the king of pop?

Michael Jackson is hard to go past.

Do you know all of the words to any children’s song?

Quite a few, actually.

Can you name 3 purple foods?

Plums. Aubergines. Red cabbage is purple too.

When was the last time you made a pinky promise?

I don’t even know what that means.

What celebrity do you wish would have a big comeback?

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Do you think your parents know things about you that you don’t want them to?

Perhaps. I don't really have any deep, dark secrets however.

Have you ever walked into a spider web?


What grocery store do you usually get your food from?

Coles New World.

What would be your happily ever after?

Enough money to be able to do whatever, whenever I'd like.

When was the last time you spoke in front of a large group of people?

I do it all the time. Confidence has never really been a problem for me.

Who is the worst driver you know?

There is no shortage here in Tasmania.

How about the best driver?

Jen is pretty good.

Are you shorter or taller than most of your friends?


Do you know anybody who was born on a holiday?

Jen often gets the Australia day long weekend.

What is one thing you really don’t like sharing?

Wives and personal space.

Have you ever been hit on through text message?

I've been married the entire time I've had a mobile phone. So, no, I've not had the pleasure.

What was the last junk food you ate?

Hot chips. I haven't had a lot of late.

Do you prefer sweet or sour candy?

Sour, every time.

What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?

I think that it was a cider. Like the lollies, I don't have much of this.

Currently waiting on something/ someone?

We're always waiting.

What was the last thing you watched on television?

I honestly can't remember. It has been about seven years!

How old will you be in 12 months?

I'll be twelve months older!

Do you sleep naked?

Yes I do.

Have you ever held hands with someone in a car?

Not that I recall.

Could you go the rest of your life without smoking a cigarette?

I've come this far without smoking a cigarette. I reckon that I'll manage.

What do you say during awkward silences?

I look at my hands.

When will you next see the last person you texted?

I just need to turn to my left, THERE SHE IS!

Honestly, when is the last time you have been to Texas?

I've never been to Texas.

All of us. Wineglass Bay lookout, Freycinet National Park. January 2014.


Roddy said...

Thank you my son. This makes the wait worth it.

Tom said...

there's nothing in texas like what you have right there.

Marie, shiny pearl said...

Hi! Just dropping by :D Haven't been here for a long time..- your kids are grown! :)

Regards, Marie of http://viennadaily.blogspot.com

Nathalie Beaumes said...

Aaaah wineglass bay. I've seen many photos of it but never managed to get down to Tasmania. Regrets.
Love the family portrait there. I hadn't visited your blog in a long while. How the kids have grown!