Sunday, October 11, 2009

To appreciate nonsense requires a serious interest in life.

A noose in the Yarra? No, it's a loose mooring rope in the muddy Derwent. The heavy rains that we've had of late has meant that a lot of topsoil gets washed into the river. It doesn't seem to alter the colour out in the middle of the river (it's too deep), but in the bays and docks, it goes a nice shade of brown. The tourists hate it.

Time for the Sunday Top Five!

Today though, we have a record FOUR top fives!

MY Top Five Animals from ZooDoo:
5: the camels;
4: the Tasmanian Devils;
3: the wallaby (with joey);
2: the koala;
1: the Bengal Tiger.

JEN'S Top Five Animals From ZooDoo:
5: the koala;
4: the piglets;
3: the baby alpaca;
2: the camels;
1: the wallaby (with joey).

HENRY'S Top Five Animals from ZooDoo:
5: the Bengal Tiger;
4: the koala;
3: the merino sheep;
2: the wallaby (with joey);
1: the Brown Capuchin monkeys.

EZRA'S Top Five Animals from ZooDoo:
5: the marmosets;
4: the Red-winged Parrots;
3: the koala;
2: the baby alpaca;
1: the rabbits.

There were a few unfortunate to miss the list, not least a wide range of birds. The 'just outside' group included: Mandarin Ducks; the ostriches; the lion; the Blue Tongue Lizard; the roosters; the kangaroos.

Henry would like to note that he did not like the band of marauding emus that attacked us, or the naughty goat that knocked him over.


yamini said...

see there, Henry top choice from the Zoo reflects that he has a SOFT CORNER for the sub-continent. I am delighted to know that and plz thanks Henry personally on my behalf with a special hug.

Kris said...

Yamini, the Bengal Tiger was a magnificent-looking beast!