Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Ads that I like: #97

Chinese political propaganda two weeks running? Must be something in the water!

I couldn't go past this little number from 1982 featuring Lenin, a cat, and some decidedly non-East Asian children (except for the decidedly dodgy-looking scamp in the chequered overalls and dunce's hat).

I think that this group represents the best mix of crafty proletarian children; the cunning genius of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov himself; and the addition of a feline friend positively brimming with Communist Christmas Pride!

Remember, nothing - not even handguns - says "Christmas" quite like the masses against the classes.


Roddy said...

I still believe strongly in the ethos of socialism. Did the cold war ever work?

me said...

There's something thoroughly disturbing about that kid on Lenin's right: pointy hat, some kind of fetish mask, and a rake.

me said...

Lenin's left, I mean.

Kris said...

The Cold War worked for me.

There is something decidedly wrong about this poster, that's for sure.