Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ads that I like: # 108

As we have seen demonstrated countless times on the journey that is Ads that I like…, nothing quite so defines the advertising industry as the promulgation of guilt.

Like unhappiness, shame and self-loathing; guilt has proven to be an effective motivational tool in wrenching open wallets over the past century or so. Of course, like any from of resource extractions, some sources are better than others.

Like the copper-rich mountains of Chile, gold-strewn hills of North America’s west, or zinc deposits of Tasmania’s west coast; the seemingly endless source of maternal guilt has proven to be a money spinner for innumerable advertising executives, snake oil salesmen, flim-flam man and confidence trickers throughout history.

Who could possibly fail to be moved by the notion that by simply touching your child, you are harming it. Every interaction, caress and soothing embrace could prove deadly!

Mothers of the world unite! Buy this product or you stand to hurt your child! Now, what kind of mother fails to act in the face of the rational, scientific fact of microbes, germs and threats that are invisible to the naked eye!


Magpie said...

So true! They're despicable and we fall for it everytime.

Roddy said...

Weren't/aren't we lucky to have all these cleaning products? No matter how dangerous to our health.

Kris said...

They are shockers, aren't they?