Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Expectation is the root of all heartache.

A beautiful Spring day at the beach. Seven Mile Beach, September 2010.

Beaches are just as fine – if not better – for the photographically inclined punter in wild and woolly weather than the sun and fun. As long as you have your back to the pelting rain, you can get the odd impressive shot off now and again. Here I am looking north on Seven Mile Beach a few weeks back. The zoom has taken me maybe two-and-a-half miles,

Bereft of anything better, here is today’s eco-friendly Meme!

Do you recycle? Absolutely. One doesn’t need to chain oneself to an asthmatic lesbian Minke whale to do one’s bit.

Do you do you laundry with hot or cold water? Cold. Nappies soaking in the nappy-bucket get hot though.

What kind of light bulbs are in your house? Pass. They’re little ones.

Do you compost? We have a very small compost bin. It fills up very quickly.

What kind of vehicle do you drive? I don’t.

Do you use plastic or reusable bags when grocery shopping? When we still went to the shops, we took re-usable bags. Now we get the groceries delivered, they give us plastic bags. We don’t need bags!

What are three ways you conserve energy?
  • Keeping the lights down to the minimum, and shouting at children for leaving them on.

  • Utilising Hobart’s excellent fine okay burgeoning current public transport network.

  • Keeping our consumption down more generally. You don’t need to be buying more and more ‘stuff’. Get something, and make it last, that’s my motto.


Carola said...

That's a surprise, I didn't know that Aussies are so eco-friendly.
Many things I do the same. But I wash with 30 degree warm water, put the compost in a special green bin and carry our groceries in a big backpack (my husband does).

Kris said...

Carola, Australians have their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the environment. We waste far too much, and use too much energy; but we do try to recycle and have advanced when it comes to protecting common spaces.