Sunday, July 18, 2010

Violence is man re-creating himself.

So today was the littlest Aussie battler's second birthday party. Of course, Master Ezra will not actually be TWO until tomorrow, but Sunday generally draws a better crowd than Monday.

The cake represented one of Ez's best friends - the man non-gender specific person in the moon - and was politely received the the audience in attendance. While not quite on a par with the previous crocodile from Henry III, it represented an advance on "sickly Elmo" of Henry II. We can all agree that it was a step up from the "sunken apple tea cake" of Ezra I.

As I am increasingly finding, the combination of hosting duties and wrangler to two energetic and fearless specimens does not leave much time to snare many good snaps, particularly on a winter's day not braced with much in the way of good light. As a consequence, I've not come away with much of a haul in terms of photographs.

That said, I have got a few here, and if you check back for tomorrow's morning shot, you can even see Ezra blow out the candles on his cake in high definition video!


Dina said...

Happy birthday dear dear Ezra!

What a great moon cake for you!

FRances said...

Kris they are lovely photos I am just sorry I could not be there.The cake look great Henry said he saved some for me.

Sue said...

What sort of cake was it? That is...was it chocolate, vanilla, etc? Wish I could have been there. Give the little fella a big hug from me tomorrow (and every day, now I think of it! Why just keep 'em for birthdays!???)

Roddy said...

Was the tin foil edible, or just there for detail?
It's hard to believe that it was only two years ago that we brought this big kid home from hospital.
I guess I am fortunate to be able to be home for each of Ezra and Henrys' birthdays. Sorry we couldn't be there on the day. See you Thursday.
Tell Ez to keep a heap of kisses for Pa.

Roddy said...

Going back to your first pic, it looks like Ez may be auditioning for the follow up for Up. He has enough balloons to go places.

one planet said...

Happy birthday dear Ezra .. good journey to the moon

Kris said...

Dina, he was satisfied.

Frances, I think that it is all gone now…

Sue, it was a vanilla egg sponge, dyed yellow with a lot of yellow icing.

Roddy, to keep the cake board clean.

As for balloons, we hired a gas canister and could well replicate Up with the amount in our lounge room yesterday.

One planet, he had a good trip!

Roddy said...

Is that a moon lander or a biro sticking out of the cake? Top left.
The tin foil doesn't appear to be under the cake, rather over with cut aways to depict face and stars.
Did Ezra eventually achieve lift off?

Kris said...

A pen.